Above and Beyond

With a healthy, positive safety culture, Resolute ISR is continually striving to improve both safety and performance. Resolute ISR has developed an integrated and comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) for its entire organization.

The System

Identifies, analyzes, and minimizes risks that could contribute to accidents, incidents, or injury to persons.

Provides both safety and quality management covering the complete scope and life cycle of all systems and operational processes.

Manages safety and quality issues which are tracked and reported for purposes of trend analysis and continuous improvement.

Integrates all components of the safety program.

Tracks audits which are recorded on the SMS web base system.

Our parent company, Heligroup Holdings, uses a web-based system for reporting hazards, audits, safety training and documentation called PRISM.

PRISM is an advanced, web-based software tool that offers the ability to set-up, manage, monitor, and interact with our SMS.

Employees can gain access any time from anywhere in the world via an internet connection with a laptop or iPad.

PRISM is fully IS-BAO compliant and is an FAA recognized Certification Consultant.

Resolute ISR continually supports a positive safety culture among all managers and personnel.

Employees and managers can identify and report safety issues, including unintentional errors, without fear of reprisal.

On Target, Always

We build a capability that keeps the war fighter safe and provide crucial information at critical times.

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