The Resolute Eagle

The Resolute Eagle is a Group 3 unmanned aerial system with a heavy payload capacity. Its line of sight (LOS) / beyond line of sight (BLOS) / beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities enable a wide range of law enforcement, homeland security, fire fighting, search and rescue, humanitarian and commercial security services, such as Oil Pipeline surveillance.

With virtual take-off and landing capabilities, the Resolute Eagle is suitable for a wide range of additional runway dependent and independent mission environments, including Maritime. The aircraft is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) and can quickly be reconfigured for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) with boom attachments via two hardpoints on the fixed wings. Whether responding to an oil spill or a wildland fire, the Resolute Eagle UAS is a dynamic platform designed for evolving requirements.

Download our Standard Data Sheet, and VTOL Data Sheet by clicking below.

Standard Data Sheet
VTOL Data Sheet


Multi-intelligence capable

Fully autonomous Piccolo autopilot

Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) configuration available

Rugged and reliable 2 stroke multi-fuel XRDi engine

Low acoustic signature at mission altitudes

Small logistical footprint

85+ lbs. payload capacity
Wingspan: 18.2 ft.
Aircraft Length: 9.5 ft.
Engine Power: 33 Hp.
Empty Weight: 215 lbs. (Includes EO/IR/LRF/CRP)
Max. Take-Off Weight (MTOW):299 lbs.
Max. Payload Power: 2,500 watts total power, 2,000 watts available for payloads
Fuselage Capacity: 1,842 cubic in
Aft of Radio Stack: 192 cubic in
Wing Hard Points: One (1) set of hard points, a total of 27 lbs. per wing for payloads

On Target, Always

We build a capability that keeps the war fighter safe and provide crucial information at critical times.

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